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Paul Giordano, CIO

Paul is the CIO of Keccak Capital. Prior to joining Keccak he was a Managing Partner at Zinica Group, a financial technology company focused on an end-to-end life cycle solution for security tokens including token design, structuring and pre-and post launch management.

Paul was the Founder, Chief Executive Officer of Tamalpais Asset Management (TAM). At its height the firm managed $350 million in AUM and had a $1 billion balance sheet. Prior to founding TAM, Paul served as Chief Investment Officer at Creedon Keller and Partners Inc., and was instrumental in growing it from $90 million in AUM and a $300 million balance sheet to $1.8 billion in AUM and a $6 billion balance sheet.

Paul was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Redback Networks, Inc. (RBAK) and led the sale of the company to Ericsson.